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 Locked My other Topic but Srsly WTF u r dead.

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PostSubject: Locked My other Topic but Srsly WTF u r dead.   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:59 pm

So its been what a year and still no ones on. Man this server was actually gonna be bad ass but i guess you guys are finished. Ret Packs have been coming out for sure since and still no sign of a revival. Still got wow Installed but who cares. Well you guys have been under my favorites for awhile and its time to clear my shit so yah. If you guys do ever recreate your server email me and ill come and join you cuz all the other custom servers are shit from what i saw. Email jlcampbell316@yahoo.com.
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Locked My other Topic but Srsly WTF u r dead.
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